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Epiphany – October 23, 2023

Kate Bryan invites us to her talk. Ross Weener invites us to an Evening of Hope. 


Segment 1

Kate Bryan invites us to her talk.


Kate Bryan is the Founder and CEO of 1 Girl Revolution. After living away from Detroit for nearly 10 years, Kate returned to her roots and decided that Detroit was the ideal place to launch 1 Girl Revolution.

Detroit was once one of the richest cities in America, and now it’s among the poorest. Detroit has seen the best of times and the worst of times – just like so many of us. But, like the motto on Detroit’s flag – “We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes” – there is always hope and we will rise from the ashes.

1 Girl Revolution tells stories of resilience, empowerment, courage, strength, beauty, kindness, and more. 1 Girl Revolution highlights the stories of women and girls that the world may not know or may not have heard their story told in this way. Women have the power to change the world through their lives and our hope is that this platform will encourage all women and girls to see their value, purpose, and their power to transform the world.

Every woman has a story. Every woman has a voice.

Every woman has the power to change the world through her life.

Every woman is a 1 Girl Revolution!


For more information on 1 Girl Revolution click here: 1 Girl Revolution

Segment 2

Ross Weener invites us to an Evening of Hope.

Ross Weener serves as the Chief Executive Officer at The Hope Clinic, with locations in Ypsilanti and Westland (Mich.). He felt called to the position in September of 2023 to continue Hope’s focus to partner to provide free medical, dental, food and behavioral health, caring for the whole person in Jesus’ name.  He comes to Hope Clinic from the church world, previously serving as a Church Executive. Ross lives in Ann Arbor with his wife Deb and three children.

Learn more about Hope Clinic here: The Hope Clinic

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