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Epiphany – October 13, 2023

Dr. Tim Hogan invites us to take the course “Confronting the Digital Age”. Jeff Kassab invites men to the 5th Annual Men’s Conference. 


Segment 1

Dr. Tim Hogan invites us to take the “Confronting the Digital Age: Deeping Connections with God and Others”.


I co-authored How to Find the Help You Need, a guide to psychotherapy and spiritual direction, teach at Sacred Heart Major Seminary , and work in private practice in Plymouth, MI. I’m the former Director of the Grace Counseling Center in Detroit. I look forward to helping you and those closest to you experience transformation in your deepest desires and forge deeper human connections.

Find out more about the course “Confronting the Digital Age’: Confronting the Digital Age

Buy ‘The of Gift of Cultural Hurricane” here:  The Gift of Cultural Hurricane

Visit Dr. Tim at his website: Dr. Tim Hogan

Segment 2

Jeff Kassab invites men to the 5th annual Men’s Conference.

Jeff is a speaker with the ECRC Speaker’s Bureau Jeff Kassab is a lifelong Catholic, sub-deacon for the Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle, and ECRC board member. He’s married (31 years) with 2 children. He received his BA is Pastoral Theology in 2018 from Sacred Heart Major Seminary and just received his Master’s degree. He founded Genesis 4:9 men’s group in 2016, is involved in marriage ministry, teaches bible study, apologetics, the CCC, and faith formation. He can speak both the Latin and Eastern Catholic Rite Churches. He blogs, ‘The Journey to Heaven’.


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