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Epiphany -October 1, 2022



‘Do not be deceived’ Ja 1:16


General Carol Ann Fausone has served her country for 36 years and she talks about her life and her faith. Genevieve Marnon encourages us in this spiritual battle. Jack McGrath is the Chairman of the Board for Mother and Unborn Baby care and he talks about the aftermath of the vandalism and how they’re not stopping their ministry. Jack’s wife, Sally, joins him in sharing their epiphany moment. 





General Carol Ann Fausone

General Fausone served her country for 36 years. She served as the Assistant Adjutant General of Veterans Affairs for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs of the State of Michigan advocating for Veterans from 2003-2011.

General Fausone served as the Assistant for Mobilization and Reserve Affairs from 2001-2005 working directly with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Force Health Protection, and Readiness. Serving in this capacity, she assisted in developing and implementing programs, policies, and operations for Reserve Affairs.

General Fausone graduated from the University of Michigan School of Nursing in 1975 and in 1977 received her commission in the United States Air Force as a medical officer. She served on active duty in various nursing positions and in late 1981 transferred to the Michigan Air National Guard. In 1983 and 1995, she completed a Master of Science in Administration and a Master of Science in Nursing from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.

General Fausone has written over 25 e-books for Legal Help for Veterans since 2013. In 2021, General Fausone co-authored “Impact on Health from Exposures: Case Examples from Military Eras and Guide for Clinical Practice – Practical Guide for Managing the Health of Veterans After War/Conflict Exposure: Case Examples from Recent Events” published in Journal of Nursing Practice. She partnered with the University of Michigan School of Nursing to create 360 Virtual Education, a series of immersive videos created to support health care providers when they are caring for military veterans in a variety of health care settings to address health inequities and give nursing students the tools to engage in culturally competent clinical practice.

Carol Ann Fausone continues serving by “Taking Care of Our American Heroes and their Families” to obtain the benefits they deserve.


Genevieve Marnon

Genevieve Marnon is the Legislative Director for Right to Life of Michigan. Genevieve works with legislators, policy staff and stakeholders to negotiate bills and implement prolife policies in the state. In addition to legislative work, Genevieve is an RLM media spokesperson doing news stories, interviews, debates and speeches. She has been featured on the Teresa Tomeo Show, Mitch Albom Show, Michigan Public Radio and in several news stories.

Genevieve began working for Right to Life of Michigan in 2012 and was involved in the successful passage of several prolife laws including clinic licensing, criminalizing coercive abortion and the abortion insurance opt-out.

Prior to working for Right to Life of Michigan, Genevieve worked in financial planning and as an educator in both public and private schools. Genevieve holds a bachelor’s degree from Oakland University.  She has been married to Mark for 34 years, has three grown children and five beautiful grandchildren.

Jack and Sally McGrath


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