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Epiphany -November 20, 2022



Wyatt Jones III has a blessed life and he’s going to share. Fr. Frank Pavone talks about rising out of the passing of Prop 3. Deacon Bob Delbeke has over 50 of service.


Wyatt Jones III


Principle Loyola High School, Detroit Wyatt is a life long learner who is committed to empower inner-city youth through mentorship and eduction. Currently he is the principal of Loyola High School in Detroit who celebrates it’s 11th consecutive year with 100% of its seniors graduating and 100% being accepted into college. He is also the founder and executive director of DCMG (Dream Chasers Mentoring Group) a 501c3 organization focused on providing character development and academic support to underrepresented males in Detroit and the surrounding area between the ages of 7-17. Wyatt is a motivational speaker who empowers people to tap into their greatness.


Fr. Frank Pavone

Deacon Bop Delbeke 

Deacon Bob currently serves as a senior deacon at St. Edith Parish in Livonia On June 21, 2010 Archbishop Allen Vigneron assigned Deacon Delbeke as Chaplain to the Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance. Deacon Delbeke immediately brought a catholic presence to the mid-town area of the city. Teaching Jesus’ love & forgiveness @ the post office on Milwaukee street, preaching in the alley behind Billy’s Liquor Store on John R, feeding the hungry @ the pallet yard and neighborhood abandominiums or listening with compassion to tragic stories of bus passengers @ Rosa Parks Transit Center, Bob has empowered the lost to embrace Christ’s peace, mutually supporting one another for the common good of all.

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