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Epiphany -November 13, 2022



Vicki Figueroa tells us about National Black Catholic Congress XIII.. Sandra McDevitt, host of Stories from the Heart will tell her epiphany moment stories. Paco Gavrilides is giving an Advent retreat at ECRC.

Vickie Figueroa, MAPS

Vickie Figueroa, MAPS, Manager, Cultural Ministries & Coordinator, Black Catholic Ministry Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship.

Sandra McDevitt

Sandra McDevitt began producing Catholic radio in 1992. Her program ‘The Catholic Broadcast’ was the  first Catholic program to ai in the Ann Arbor, MI area, where she resided. EWTN Global Catholic Radio broadcast the program from 1998 to 2002. Sandra is a graduate of Concordia University with a degree in Human Resources and English. In 1990 she and her husband, John, opened St. Michael’s Academy, which grew into the four Spiritus Sanctus Academies; all in Ann Arbor. Sandra wrote numerous articles on Catholic culture for ‘Credo’, a Catholic newspaper . To date, Sandra has recorded over 1,000 wonderfully inspiring stories. Sandra and John are very proud of their five children and five grandchildren. 

Paco Gavrilides

Since the time of his conversion to Catholicism in 1968, Paco Gavrilides has dedicated his life to serving Christ in the Church with a passion to share the Gospel. As a teacher, speaker, and evangelist, Paco has worked with many dioceses, movements, and individuals both nationally and internationally. He has been especially active in leadership formation, men’s ministry, family ministry, and evangelization among Hispanics and African Americans. Paco has served as homiletics instructor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, since 2011. He received the equivalent of the STB at the Archdiocesan Seminary in Monterrey, Mexico, and completed his Licentiate Degree in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart.






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