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Epiphany -November 12, 2022



Heather Shamoun and Marla Garmo talk about the newly formed Office of Life. Bishop Francis Kalabat talks about Mar Eliyar Retreat Center.  Jack McGrath invites us to this year’s Mother and Unborn Baby Care’s banquet.


Heather Kas-Shamoun


Heather has been married for 21 years, is a mother to 5 children (3 biological, 1 adopted, 1 foster child), and a foster care and adoption advocate 

Marla M. Garmo 

Marla M. Garmo is a social worker with over 10 years of experience working in the Child Welfare system with a particular focus on youth that have aged out of foster care. She has previously held roles at MDHHS in Macomb County and currently supports undergraduate students with experience in foster care at Wayne State University through the CHAMPS program.


Bishop Francis Kalabat 

Bishop Francis Kalabat began undergraduate (philosophy) studies at the University of San Diego’s Saint Francis de Sales Center for Priestly Formation, in San Diego County, California. Subsequently, he began the requisite graduate theological training for the Chaldean Catholic priesthood at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, in Detroit, Michigan. Ordained a priest on July 5, 1995, he was appointed Parochial Vicar (Associate Pastor) of Mother of God Church in Southfield, Michigan, the city where the Eparchy has its cathedral. Since 2001, Eparch Kalabat has been Pastor of Saint Thomas Church in West Bloomfield, Director of Vocations for the Eparchy, and has been involved with the Center for Re-Evangelization. He speaks Arabic, English and Aramaic, and also knows Spanish. He received his episcopal ordination, and was installed as Eparch on June 14, 2014.

Jack & Sally McGrath

Jack McGrath is the Chairman of the Board, Mother and Unborn Baby Care. Pictured is his wife Sally.

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