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Epiphany – March 22, 2024

Tony Frasco invites everyone to join the Rome Boys on pilgrimage. Thomas Jacobi talks about the book “On Obedience”.


Segment 1

Tony Frasco invites everyone to join the Rome Boys on  pilgrimage


Tony Frasco is the Theologian and has a MA and BA in Theology and was in the seminary for a while. Tony is married with 7 children and author of the book

Book your spot on the Faith and Freedom pilgrimage here: Faith and Freedom Pilgrimage

Segment 2

Thomas Jacobi talks about the book “On Obedience“.


Thomas Jacobi has worked at Ignatius Press as Assistant Editor since July 2018. His responsibilities include developmental editing, project management, translation, acquisitions, and—on special occasions—playing “Dueling Banjos” on guitar for bishops. After growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Thomas studied English at Louisiana State University, where he edited the undergraduate literary journal. He spent his high school and college years away from the Church, immersed in the indie rock scene, but came home to Catholicism just months after graduation. While working as an editorial assistant at the Tulane Law School, his newfound faith developed into an all-consuming interest in Christian literature. He went on to study languages and translation at La Sapienza (the University of Rome), learning to work in Italian, German, and French. As a Catholic working in the publishing industry, a job at Ignatius Press had always been the White Whale for Thomas. The Press’ books—Only the Lover Sings by Josef Pieper, the Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton, among many others—were not only penetrating, but elegantly printed, with natural off-white paper and a European sense of calm. He wanted to be a part of it, but he saw no job listings and assumed it was impossible. Providence stepped in, however. While living in Rome, Thomas met some of the Ignatius Press staff, who hired him in 2018 and invited him to San Francisco. Not long after moving, he would encounter a painter and musician named Jacqueline—with whom he fell in love at first sight. They are married and have one son. In their free time, they play music.  together around the city’s Richmond District.

Buy “On Obedience” here: On Obedience

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