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Epiphany – June 14, 2024

Ed Van Buskirk talks about Flag Day and how our laws are rooted in faith. It’s Faith Fridays with Dr. Marcus Peter.


Segment 1

Ed Van Buskirk talks about Flag Day and how our laws are rooted in faith.




Ed Van Buskirk is the Founder and Executive Director of If U Love Me.  Ed’s corporate experience includes software engineering with Burroughs Corporation, consulting services with Digital Equipment Corporation and manager of Sprint’s World Headquarters Data Center. In 1996, Ed left the corporate world and founded We Are IT, which provided managed IT support services for small businesses. With the intention and purpose of founding If U Love Me, Ed sold We Are IT in 2017 and founded If U Love Me in 2018. Ed has held various business, religious and cultural leadership roles with a variety of organizations including the National Speakers Association, American Club Association, St. Thomas More, Boy Scouts of America and Optimist International.

Visit Ed here: If U Love Me

Segment 2

 It’s Faith Fridays with Dr. Marcus Peter.



Dr. Marcus Peter spent many years as a militant atheist before encountering a life-changing conversion experience. He was with the Assemblies of God as a praise leader and itinerant preacher for two years.

Through a consistent and prayerful study of Scripture, the fathers, theology, philosophy, and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he found his way back to the Church and returned home in full communion in 2010. He has given tens of thousands of talks across the world on the Faith.

Dr. Peter has an undergraduate degree in Communications with minors in Marketing and Management. He studied philosophy and Alphonsian Spirituality in seminary and received a master’s degree in systematic theology from Ave Maria University in 2018. Most recently, he holds a doctorate in biblical studies from Pontifex University.

Dr. Peter’s goal in the apostolate is to bring the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church to the ends of the earth. He joined Ave Maria Radio as a radio host in 2022 and as Director of Marketing in 2023.

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