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Epiphany -January 15, 2023



Colleen Vermuelen gives updates about Catholic Biblical School of Michigan. Fr. Steve Mateja was in Rome and share his Pope Emeritas Benedict XVI story. Jeff Kassab talks about the courses he’s teaching, finishing his master’s degree, and more. 


Colleen Vermeulen  

Director and Instructor at the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan Colleen Vermeulen joined CBSM in 2016 as an instructor in Year B and proceeded to become the Director in 2018. Her personal motivation for teaching is to connect people to the Scriptures so that they can listen and respond to God’s Word. When people encounter God in the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit takes care of the rest! Colleen seeks to help her students dig into the real life history of the New Testament in order to ground their faith and give them credibility when sharing the Bible with others.

Fr. Steve Mateja

Priest in Solidum St. Joseph Lake Orion and St. John Fisher, Campus Ministry at Oakland U.



Jeff Kassab

Jeff Kassab is a life long Catholic, sub-deacon for the Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostl, and ECRC board member. He’s married (31 years) with 2 children. He received his BA is Pastoral Theology in 2018 from Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He is currently in the Masters program. He founded Genesis 4:9 men’s group in 2016, is involved in marriage ministry, teaches bible study, apologetics, the CCC, and faith formation. He can speak both a the Latin and Eastern Catholic Rite Churches. He blogs, ‘The Journey to Heaven’ and has a podcast ‘Catholic Avengers’.


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