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Epiphany – February 16, 2023

Tim Goodrich talks about Dorothy’s House of Coffee and share his epiphany moment. Steve Wasko is the organizer of the Black Catholic Heroes traveling exhibit. Tamra Fromm shares her contributions to Living the Word Catholic Women’s bible. 


Segment 1

Tim Goodrich talks about Dorothy’s House of Coffee and shares his epiphany moment.  

I got involved in Dorothy’s House of Coffee more formally not quite a year ago. I’ve been a custom boot maker with a shoe shop located in downtown Flint for the last 8 years: Dorothy’s had been open for about 3 years under one of the Flint Parishes, but was having some struggles and Covid nearly finished it off. I was asked by Fr Tom Firestone from St John Vianney Parish in Flint if I would be interested in re-focusing, renovating, and reopening Dorothy’s along with some friends under a self-sustaining model. There were lots of “signs” and prophetic dreams and all kinds of discernment involved, and we ultimately became convinced God was in it. We knew if we were going to take this on, we wanted to pursue the whole coffee shop idea with a commitment to a very high level coffee experience. So for the last 10 months, I along with my roommates in the Archangel Men’s Formation House and Fr. Tony Smela, a newer and younger priest in the area, got to work going to “coffee school” (Black Diesel in Ann Arbor), renovating, raising money for new equipment, adding crepes, smoothies, kombucha, and other new items to the menu, and starting a new non-profit ministry to oversee it all. And God has been very generous with us in providing the money and resources to bring all this together. Admittedly, we’re still learning a lot about what God has in store for Dorothy’s. But in a nutshell, we’ve become convinced that God is calling us to be a place of hospitality, evangelization, the works of mercy, and entrepreneurial development. We also believe that the example of Dorothy Day (our namesake) has a lot to offer in our path forward. There are several moving parts to how all that works out. But those are the bullet points. The pursuit of this has all mostly been in our spare time. But, for a number of reasons, it became clear I needed to be working here from the inside to open up the coffee shop. So, about a month ago, I at least temporarily shut down my custom shoe boot making business in order to launch Dorothy’s.


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Segment 2

Steve Wasko is the organizer of the Black Catholic Heroes traveling exhibit.

Steven Wasko is a lifelong member of St. Suzanne Our Lady Gate of Heaven parish in Detroit, where he currently serves as director of its St. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Resource Center, a 38,000-square foot full service community center located within its former elementary school building. Wasko is a graduate of Catholic schools in the City of Detroit, 1st-12th grade, and has served as Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools within the City and as a volunteer leader of many parish, vicariate and regional Catholic councils, commissions, task forces and school boards. He currently is co-convener of an Anti-Racism Task Force with representation from two dozen parishes, schools and organizations. Wasko professed as a Secular Franciscan in 2019.

Segment 3

Tamra Fromm shares her contributions to Living the Word Catholic Women’s bible.

Dr. Fromm converted to Catholicism in 2001 and immediately began using her experience in international sales and marketing for the good of the Church.

Prior to joining the CBSM team, she served in several capacities, including Director of Genesis Ministries where she worked with young adults between the ages of 18-35 in the sixty parishes of Oakland County, Michigan. Dr. Fromm has worked for the Archdiocese of Detroit as the Director of Marketing for Catholic Schools, advertising for and consulting with 120 Catholic elementary and high schools on strategic planning, development and enrollment management. She has also served Sacred Heart Major Seminary as both the Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management and as a Professor of Theology.

Her favorite Scripture verse is Psalm 37:4, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Dr. Fromm speaks, reads, and writes in several languages. Together with her husband, she enjoys traveling, hiking, sailing, and entertaining.

Fun Fact: Tamra played bass guitar in a 90s grunge band in her earlier life!


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