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Epiphany – December 28, 2023

Janice Kizy talks about New Year goals. Lynda Rozell talks about her photo-essay devotional, “Return to Me: Visits to the Tabernacle.


Segment 1

Janice Kizy talks about New Year goals.


Janice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Mind & Spirit Counseling, LLC. She obtained her Masters Degree from Wayne State University and has 20 years of experience working with children, individuals, families and couples. Being fluent in English, Chaldean & Arabic, Janice uses her language skills to provide a comfortable environment for clients who prefer using their native language. 

Through her years of experience, she recognizes emotional healing is part of a bigger process and requires balance of mind and spirit. In order for the mind to heal, the spirit has to find willingness to work. She recognized early on in her career that building rapport, creating a safe environment and making accurate assessments of client needs is key to improving outcomes and achieving goals.

Working with children age 5+, adolescents, adults and couples, she uses a variety of techniques such as: art, sand, and play therapies to meet client’s needs. Her special populations include grief and loss, trauma, family support, managing life changes, patient advocacy, depression and anxiety. Janice brings reality to situations encouraging clients to make practical choices with hopes to bring peace and healing for those open to the process.

Segment 2

Lynda Rozell talks about her photo-essay devotional, “Return to Me: Visits to the Tabernacle.


Lynda Rozell sold her house, quit her job, and began living on the road full-time in an Airstream travel trailer she tows with a Ram 1500 truck. Her travel blog,, chronicles her adventures with her small dog Penny, provides RV’ing tips, and shares reflections about the religious sites, shrines, parks, and areas of natural beauty that she visits. Lynda practiced law for many years at a private firm and at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC. Before embarking on her Airstream journey, she worked at a non-profit as a project manager and in-house counsel. Since becoming a nomad, Lynda writes and gives talks, as well as providing consulting, outreach, and volunteer services wherever she roams.

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