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Epiphany – April 29, 2024

Maria Russell talks about her book “Material Logic: Exploring the Foundations of Reason”. Claudia Cangilla McAdam talks her book Mother Cabrini, A Heart for the World


Segment 1

Maria Russell talks about her book “Material Logic: Exploring the Foundations of Reason”. 



Maria Russell is Headmistress of St. Augustine’s HEP (Home School Enrichment Program) , South Lyon, lead tutor for St. Augustine’s Philosophy and Logic courses, and the manager of St. Augustine’s Scholas. She is a graduate of the first St. Augustine’s HEP class attending the program from 2005-2010. After high school, she attended Thomas Aquinas College in California graduating in 2014.
Maria is a great lover of drama and directs The Jeweler’s Players of St. Augustine’s, South Lyon in their annual Shakespeare production.


Buy “Material Logic” here: Material Logic

Segment 2

Claudia Cangilla McAdam talks her book “Mother Cabrini, A Heart for the World”.



Claudia Cangilla (pronounced Can-JILL-uh) McAdam is an award-winning author of more than two dozen books for kids and teens. The production company, Angel Studios engaged Claudia to write a picture book to accompany their major motion picture entitled Cabrini. That book, published in partnership with Sophia Institute Press, is Mother Cabrini: A Heart for the World. Like Mother Cabrini, Claudia is a five-foot-tall Italian American Catholic woman.  She lives in Colorado not far from the mountain where St. Frances Cabrini established a summer camp for girls in the 1900s.


Buy “Mother Cabrini” here: Mother Cabrini

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