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Epiphany – April 18, 2023

Al Kresta talks about his book Dangers to the Faith. Peggy Stanton talks about evangelization.


Segment 1

Al Kresta talks about his book Dangers to the Faith.



Al Kresta is a broadcaster, writer and author who is, first of all, a missionary.  He is President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of “Kresta in the Afternoon.”  He draws upon his unique faith background to create what is, arguably, the most fascinating — and most spiritually constructive — talk radio program on the radio today.

A 1976 honors graduate of Michigan State University, Al has also done graduate work in theology at both Catholic and Protestant seminaries.  He became well known in the Detroit area for his program, “Talk from the Heart,” one of the top-rated Christian talk radio programs during the 1980s and 90s.  When he began the program, Al was a Protestant pastor.  The questions forced upon him as pastor, however, led him to return to the Catholic Church. His profound personal conversion to Christ and return to the Catholic Church is told in the best-selling anthology Surprised By Truth.


Buy “Dangers to the Faith” here: Dangers to the Faith – Ave Maria Radio Store

Segment 2

Peggy Stanton talks about evangelization.




Peggy Stanton is the author of From the White House to the White Cross. She’s a Dame of the Order of Malta. She was ABC News’ first female Washington correspondent. She has hosted many programs on Ave Maria Radio including the Malta Minute with the Catechism. Her first book was The Daniel Dilemma: The Moral Man in the Public Arena.


Buy Peggy’s book here: From the White House to the White Cross

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