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Epiphany -September 3, 2022

‘He was filled with the spirit of understanding’ Sir 39:6

Fr. Steve Mateja return to as a beloved guest to talk about his recent homily. John Mansour invites all to to enjoy the at the Detroit Zoo and support seminarians. Chris Panyard also returns to Epiphany to unpacks the topic of college students struggling with mental illness.

Fr. Steve Mateja


Priest in Solidum St. Joseph Lake Orion and St. John Fisher, Campus Ministry  at Oakland U)

John Mansour

My and wife, Ann, were married in June 2000 and were blessed with three children. Our first child is Alexander. Our second child is Adriana. Our third child is Gabrielle. On July 14, 2013, a boating accident resulted in the death of our son,  Alexander, and daughter, Gabrielle. Our daughter, Adriana survived but suffered a traumatic brain injury. She recently graduated from West Bloomfield High School and planning for college next Fall at OCC. We are a family of faith and thank God each day for all he has provided us.

Christine Panyard


Chris was a practicing psychologist for 43 years and a professor at the University of Detroit Mercy for almost 30 years.  I spent most of my career working with substance abusers and police officers.  I earned a BA in psychology and Ph.D in Counseling from Wayne State University and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Bowling Green State University.

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