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Epiphany -June 4, 2022

‘Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,/ for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’ Mt 5:10

Carrie Gress is a first time guest on Epiphany and she’ll talk about her book Anti-Mary exposed and how is ties into feminisms today. Jeff Kassab is an honored frequents guest and he returns to talk about the Eucharist. Kim Kerwin gives practical advice to parents to help them keep their children faithful during the summer months.

Carrie Gress

Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center Scholar, Institute for Human Ecology at CUA


Jeff Kassab

Jeff Kassab is a lifelong Catholic, sub-deacon for the Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle, and ECRC board member. He’s married (31 years) with 2 children. He received his BA is Pastoral Theology in 2018 from Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He is currently in the Masters program. He founded Genesis 4:9 men’s group in 2016, is involved in marriage ministry, teaches bible study, apologetics, the CCC, and faith formation. He can speak both the Latin and Eastern Catholic Rite Churches. He blogs, ‘The Journey to Heaven’ and has a podcast ‘Catholic Avengers’.

Kim Kerwin

Kim Kerwin is a theology teacher and director of religious formation at St. Fabian Catholic School. She has taught kindergarten, grades 5-8, and worked with high school youth ministry. Recently, Kim received the St. Katherine Drexel Amazing Catholic Educator award for her dedication to Catholic education and witness of the faith. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in School Leadership from Madonna University. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary. She and her husband, Bob, are involved in the parish life of St. Fabian as sacristans as well.

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