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Epiphany -March 27, 2022

‘I show favors to whom I will; I grant mercy to whom I will’ Ex 33:19

Bishop Robert Gruss invites us to join him this Tuesday for the Mass of Atonement. Matthew Bartels and Madison Velez tell us about a scholarship program they started to help students coped with an unplanned pregnancy. Jeff Kassab is giving a talk on power of the Eucharist coming up this week.

Bishop Robert Gruss

Matthew Bartels and Madison Velez

Photo by Gina Brannon of Sweet Love Studios

Matthew is a 2017 graduate of Nouvel Catholic Central High School. He received Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Saginaw Valley State in 2021. He an Eagle Scout and currently works as a nurse in a surgical ICU in Midland, MI. Matt is parishioner of Holy Family Parish in Saginaw, is an avid runner and was baptized and raised at Holy Spirit Parish in Saginaw.

Madison was born in Saginaw, MI and baptized at Holy Spirit Parish. She graduated from Nouvel Catholic Central High School in 2020 and also attends Holy Family Parish (in Saginaw). She is currently a second-year student at Saginaw Valley State University pursuing a Medical Laboratory Science degree. Madison is the current Protect Life SVSU president. She also works part time at Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic.

Jeff Kassab

Jeff Kassab is a lifelong Catholic, sub-deacon for the Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle, and ECRC board member. He’s married (31 years) with 2 children. He received his BA is Pastoral Theology in 2018 from Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He is currently in the Masters program. He founded Genesis 4:9 men’s group in 2016, is involved in marriage ministry, teaches bible study, apologetics, the CCC, and faith formation. He can speak both the Latin and Eastern Catholic Rite Churches. He blogs, ‘The Journey to Heaven’ and has a podcast ‘Catholic Avengers’.

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