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Epiphany -October 2, 2022

‘Once you were “no people”/ but now you are God’s people’ 1 Pt 2:10


Fr. Ron Richards invites everyone to Our Lady of Refuge to have a discussion about Proposal 3. Jessica Hanna stories is multi-layered and she returns to share more. Michelle Kazanjian desires to help people who struggle with unforgiveness. Unload the burden and attend a upcoming retreat.



Fr. Ron Richards 

Pastor, Our Lady of Refuge


Jessica Hanna

Jessica is a 39 year old entrepreneur, pharmacist and Catholic mother of 4. She was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in December of 2020 when she was only 14 weeks pregnant. She denied termination and also denied the notion that her fate would be determined by anyone other than God. Instead of fear she turned to faith and used the sacraments and prayer (especially the rosary daily) to sustain her through. She also used her God-given medical skills to research safe options for herself and her baby. Not knowing how the story would end and abandoning everything at the foot of the cross, she created an instagram channel just 4 days after diagnosis to allow for others to pray with her and to take them along for the uncertain journey that was being led only by Christ. Many miracles she calls “winks from God” happened along the way. Unable to be scanned while pregnant, she had to wait 6 long months to find out if she would live or die. Finally, after 2 surgeries and 4 rounds of chemotherapy, her son, Thomas Solanus, was born healthy. She was now finally able to be scanned and despite the grim picture painted by doctors, her scans were miraculously clear for no distant metastasis. Cancer could not be found anywhere in her body. She had been upgraded from “terminal” to “curable”. Her surgeon has called her “a walking miracle” and her oncologist had said she is “extremely lucky” which she corrected to “extremely blessed”. Today, they still cannot find cancer and her instagram page is now used to spread the good news of Christ & the Catholic Church, to pray for others and to show how suffering can be redemptive and joyful if we unite it with Christ’s Passion. God has indeed used this trial to reform her in ways she could never imagine and also use it for His own glory…Cancer has stripped her of the frivolous things of this world and has allowed her to begin “racing for the crown” that awaits all of us in God’s kingdom. This is why she calls herself “Blessed by cancer”.

Michelle Kazanjian

Director of Pastoral Ministry St. Thomas the Apostle

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