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Epiphany – September 5, 2021

‘Morning after morning/ he open my ear that I may hear’ Is 50:4

Cheryl Grigorian shares how God healed her both physically and spiritually. Tom Naemi shares how God used him to heal Cheryl and why we should keep our eyes on Jesus. Mary Lockwood shares how God moved in her life and how she embraces her mission.

Cheryl Grigorian M.D.

By profession an MD physician, chief body imaging Harper University hospital (Detroit hospital) , former head of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Breast Center/ Cancer Institute, professor Wayne State University—area of expertise in cancer imaging and biopsy of tumors, also extra training in nuclear medicine for diagnosis and therapy—counting residency and fellowship-31 yrs.  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and minor in mathematics.

Tom Naemi

Mary Lockwood

Mary Lockwood has served on the Life Issues committee at Our Lady of Good Counsel for numerous years.  She is a pro-life advocate and in the last 5 years has been involved in stopping human trafficking through various organizations such as Pearls of Great Price and Sanctum House

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