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Epiphany – September 4, 2021

‘Your name spoken is a spreading perfume’ Sg 1:3

Fr. Pierre Konja talks about the sin of pride. Chris Leach shares information about the Evangelical Charity Finder website. Emily Rolf gives all the details about the upcoming women’s conference in Lansing. Joe Boggs talks about the Rise from the Ashes pilgrimage.

Fr. Pierre Konja

Associate pastor of Holy Cross Chaldean Catholic Church in Farmington Hills, MI. and has been a priest for 9 1/2 years

Chris Leach

Speaker, and Leader in Youth Ministry and Christian Service at AOD

Emily Rolf

Director of Production, Chews Life

Rolf is a parishioner in the Grand Rapids Diocese. She has a passion for uplifting women, and a heart for her faith and worship. She has worked with several youth ministry programs through the years in multiple capacities, and has been involved with the diocesan women’s retreat for the last 3 years. When not working you’ll find her with at least one of her 13 nieces and nephews.

Joe Boggs

Social Studies Instructor, Penta Career Center RESA Coordinator  & Professional Development Committee Chair

Joe Boggs is a parishioner at St. John the Baptist in Monroe, Michigan where he attends with his wife Bridget. He’s the current President of the Father Gabriel Richard Guild, a local organization that promotes the inspiring life of Fr. Gabriel Richard and his cause for sainthood. Joe also is a high school history teacher and frequently writes historical pieces for the Archdiocese of Detroit.

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