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Epiphany – April 24, 2021

‘For I am with you to save you, says the Lord;’ Jer 29:11

Ismat Karmo updates us on the status of Christians in Iraq and the Nineveh Council’s plans for the future. Katie Bogner authored a wonderful book to help your kids with reading the bible. John Hale from Corporate Travel Service shares the details about the Grand Hotel Getaway you don’t want to miss. Fr. Pierre Konja elaborates on two homilies that resonated with Vanessa and will resonate with you too!


Ismat (Matt) Karmo

Ismat Karmo, Chairman of the Nineveh Council Chairman of Nineveh Council of America, he immigrated to the US in 1977. Ismat is married with 3 kids. He is actively involved in the political future of Iraq and the well-being of minorities.

Katie Bogner

Katherine Bogner is a Catholic school teacher and Director of Religious Education from Central Illinois. She has worked with Catholics of every age—from preschool through adult—but has a special place in her heart for middle schoolers. Most of all, she is passionate about equipping parents, catechists, and teachers to share the beauty and truth of Christ and His Church with their students. Visit where she shares free lesson plans, printables, and other resources for teaching the Faith.

John Hale

President & Co-owner of Corporate Travel Service

Fr. Pierre Konja

Associate pastor of Holy Cross Chaldean Catholic Church in Farmington Hills, MI. He’s been a priest for 9 1/2 years. 

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