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Epiphany – March 7, 2021

‘Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn, that he may heal us; he has stricken; and he will bind us up’ Hos 6:1

Fr. Andrew Dawson reminds us that Lent is a really not a time of what we and for God but what God is doing for us. Dr. Mike Giles return to help you decide on a college, the ‘Rule of Law’ is broken down and examined, expounds on some St. Augustine teachings. Especially, the virtue of humility. Marcus Peter helps keep our momentum going on this Third Sunday of Lent.


Fr. Andrew Dawson

Associate Pastor, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church

The grandson of an Anglican Priest and the son of a Baptist Minister turned Anglican Priest, but I was baptized into the Catholic Church as an adult, and then ordained to the diaconate exactly 10 years to the day after my baptism. I love country music, tractors, fishing, camping and drawing.

Dr. Michael Giles, PhD

Dr. Michael Giles serves as a postdoctoral fellow and research director in the Constitutionalism and Rule of Law lab at the University of Notre Dame (what a mouthful!!). Mike’s scholarship focuses on the relationship between faith and politics in the history of political thought. His recently defended dissertation, now a book monograph, explores the contributions of St. Augustine of Hippo to our understanding of the potential and limits of political life. His work also explores the unique posture of modern politics toward religious faith, a complex and important topic for religious believers today.

Marcus Peter

President and Director of Biblical Theology with the St. Peter Institute for Scripture and Evangelization.

Marcus received his Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Communications in Malaysia in 2011. After that, he received formation in Philosophy, Psychology and Alphonsian Spirituality in seminary. He received his MA in Theology from Ave Maria University, Florida in 2018. Most recently, he is pursuing a Theology Doctorate in the field of Biblical Theology.

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