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Epiphany – March 6, 2021

‘There is one who keeps silent because he has no answer; while another keeps silent because he knows when to speak.’ Sir 20:6

Iklas Bashi returns to continue the conversation about the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’. The Vatican International Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles is coming to Brighton. Fr. John Rocus shares the details. Forgiveness is possible and Michelle Kazanjian invites us all to the Forgiveness Opens the Door Retreat at St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor. Find ways to combat Cancel Culture with special guest Fr. Bill Watson who shares his wisdom on how to respond in love.


Iklas Bashi, LPC

Iklas Bashi, MA, LPC is a Christian/Catholic Certified Life Coach, Clinical Therapist, Speaker and Writer.

She combines the rich teaching of the Catholic faith and her experience and training in psychology to help others break free from negative mindsets, discover their God given identity and live a life of purpose and meaning.


[email protected]

Fr. John Rocus

Pastor, Holy Spirit Parish in Brighton

Michelle Kazanjian

Director of Pastoral Ministry

Fr. Bill Watson, SJ

Founder and President of Sacred Story Institute

Fr. Bill Watson, S.J. specializes in building enduring Ignatian-based programs that stand the test of time.

See Fr. Watson’s complete bio at:

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