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Epiphany – January 1, 2022

‘ Blessed is the fruit of your womb!’ Lk 1:42

Happy New Year! Please enjoy the BEST OF EPIPHANY today. Bishop Gruss encourages us to invite Jesus into our anxieties and worries. David Tay invites us to enthrone our homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Catherine Lanni shares her story of being healed through intercession of the Blessed Mother.

Bishop Robert Gruss

Diocese of Saginaw

David S. Tay

Executive Director and CEO for the Men of the Sacred Hearts since 2010.

Actively ran a team of home enthronement volunteers since 2003.

David guided the Men of the Sacred Hearts through the Covid Pandemic by introducing the Pastor Parish Led Home Enthronement program. And as the teams 3ft statue of Our Lady of Fatima was not being used, he began the program in the metro Detroit region of bringing Our Lady to homes for a two week period to help families to continue their prayer practice in the home.

The Men of the Sacred Hearts added Mallory Sliney to help with the administrative and internet requests. Along with Barbara Valentic, the threesome is pushing ahead to bring the Sacred Heart of Jesus to more families and businesses.

Catherine Lanni

Founder Shrine of Jesus the Divine Mercy

Catherine M. Lanni is a gifted speaker and the founder of The Servants of Jesus of The Divine Mercy, and the Divine Mercy Center in Clinton Township, Michigan.

In 1986, Catherine was miraculously healed through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary while on her deathbed, after giving birth to her youngest daughter. She made a promise that she would do something “good” for God (in return). In 1992, Jesus Christ appeared to Catherine and asked for “a total healing of every strata of the Church.”

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