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Environmentalist blasts Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis for ‘mis-educating’ the public.

Anyone who has read the Narnia chronicles will remember Mr and Mrs Beaver.

The cheery duo are renowned for their stories, home comforts and – most importantly – fish suppers.

But a beaver expert has criticized C.S. Lewis for ‘mis-educating’ the public on what the furry animals eat – saying he was ‘wrong’ to write that their diet includes fish.

Ben Goldfarb, an environmental journalist who has released a book about the ‘surprising life’ of beavers, made the accusation during the last weekend at the Hay Festival in Wales.

He said the author has done the animals a disservice, as anglers strongly opposed rewilding plans over fears that beavers would eat all their fish.

‘Beavers are totally herbivorous,’ he said. ‘You guys have all read the Chronicles of Narnia at some point.

‘There’s Mr and Mrs Beaver in Narnia who are pescatarian. That is biologically inaccurate. He totally blew that one, they’re totally herbivorous.

‘That’s one of the funny things about beaver reproduction in the UK – every British schoolchild reads Narnia and they grow up thinking that beavers are going to eat all the fish.

‘So at least when [the idea of] beaver reproduction here was first floated, angling groups were among the strongest opponents because they’ve been mis-educated by C.S. Lewis.’

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