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Don’t let the Planned Parenthood videos lose momentum

The following is a Facebook post by popular blogger Matt Walsh. Click Here to follow his page. 

I’m concerned, guys. There’s another Planned Parenthood video out. This one is bad, like all the rest. It’s a former worker with Stem Express, the “fetal tissue procurement company” that does a lot of business with Planned Parenthood. This is also the company that successfully sued to stop the release of one of the videos. They have a lot to hide, and we’re starting to see why.

In this footage, the woman says babies are often sold even though the mothers do not consent. Chillingly, Stem Express also has records of the women who come into Planned Parenthood. Not just women who get abortions, but even the ones coming for pregnancy tests. All women are considered potential sources for product.

I said I’m concerned. Obviously the whole thing concerns me, disgusts me, revolts me, infuriates me, but I mean specifically I’m concerned that people are losing interest in this story. It’s a general feeling, not scientific. I haven’t surveyed the whole country. But that’s how it seems. The videos aren’t trending anymore. People aren’t talking about it as much. Already some Republican candidates are vacillating on defunding Planned Parenthood.

I get a sense people are ready to let this go. Let it fade into the background like everything else does. We can spend two months focused on Donald Trump. We can spend two years obsessing over rumors about the next Star Wars movie. We can spend our whole lives worried about the most insignificant things, but is it too tall an order to concentrate intently on the mass slaughter and wholesale of infants for more than a few weeks?

Tell me it isn’t. Don’t lose steam. Keep this up. Do your part, I’ll do mine. Let’s hold each other accountable. Let’s hold our leaders accountable. I say again, as I’ve said before, defunding Planned Parenthood, and ultimately defeating abortion itself, are litmus test issues.

If a politician is not on board with shutting down the Planned Parenthood concentration camps and protecting innocent unborn life, they have no business anywhere near the White House. I will make no exceptions to that rule. None. Not for any reason. No issue is more important right now. This is it. This is the evil we have been tasked with defeating. If we cannot bring Planned Parenthood to justice and protect these innocent children, what good are we? What victory can we claim if we can’t achieve this one?

Let’s stay on this. Don’t let it go. Don’t give up on it. Don’t compromise. Abortion has been an indictment on this country for 40 years, and it has to end. And now is our best opportunity. We might not ever get another like it.

Winston Churchill said, “if you’re going through hell, keep going.” Well, our culture is in hell right now, so let’s keep going. The job isn’t close to done.

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