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Donald Trump’s details man

In a White House not known for specifics, Andrew Bremberg is President Trump’s details guy.

Bremberg, an assistant to the president and director of the Domestic Policy Council, has kept a relatively low profile compared with other Trump senior advisers who have dominated headlines.

While White House adviser Stephen Bannon is on the cover of Time, spokesman Sean Spicer is parodied on “Saturday Night Live” by movie star Melissa McCarthy and counselor Kellyanne Conway is a ubiquitous presence on cable news, some White House aides know little about Bremberg.

This belies the influence of the 38-year-old former senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who already has penned an important memorandum for Trump on the subject of immigration.

The leaked memorandum signaled a potential harder line to come by Trump, stating that the country’s immigration laws “must ensure the United States does not welcome individuals who are likely to become or have become a burden on taxpayers.”

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