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Doctors Perform Heart Surgery On Baby Still Inside Womb To Remove Tumor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is world-renowned for its fetal surgery in which an operation is performed on a baby still inside the womb.

Recently, in yet another historic procedure, CHOP doctors undertook a risky and delicate operation on a tiny fetal heart.

Health reporter Stephanie Stahl has the exclusive story of what it took to save an unborn baby named Juan.

After some setbacks, an excited family who learned they were finally going home to South America said goodbye to the team that saved their baby.

Baby Juan and his parents, Cecilia Cella and Pablo Paladino, are headed back to Uruguay where the infant has become a celebrity.

“We receive calls, messages from people we don’t know,” said Pablo Paladino.

Since October, the family has been camped out at CHOP where doctors saved little Juan’s life with an intervention that is largely unheard of in many places.

“It was a hard time, crazy time, but we are extremely happy how everything was solved,” said Paladino.

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