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‘Discovering what’s essential’: Strengthening marriages during lockdown

 Many Catholic parishes have closed during the pandemic, but one marriage renewal ministry is seeking to reopen the doors of the “domestic church,” the family, during lockdown.

“The doors of so many parishes are closed, or have been closed, and the doors to so many domestic churches have opened up again,” said Mary Rose Verret, co-founder of “Witness to Love” marriage prep ministry and the “Be Light” marriage renewal date night series.

Verret and her husband Ryan are hosting virtual “date nights” for married couples during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to strengthen marriages and connect families to their parishes so they can create more missionaries for the church.

The growth of the pandemic forced the closure of countless businesses and public spaces worldwide, with many married couples living and working from home under quarantine. The Verrets, who founded the marriage prep ministry “Witness to Love,” saw an emerging need first-hand, as couples told them of their own struggles or their friends’ marriage problems as they are forced to remain indoors, at home. 

The current lockdowns have acted as a “relationship accelerator,” Ryan told CNA, as married couples facing conflicts or tension at home have nowhere to go.

“This COVID-19 experience has been almost like a rediscovery of what is essential about life, and that relationships are at the heart of it,” he said.

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