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How Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd is saving 36 girls in Uganda

These are the children of Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd:

One of the girls was working as a sex worker at a bar when she was saved. Another was sold into marriage when she was 9 and her husband forced her into prostitution.

And a third girl was abandoned by her mother after delivery and left on a road.

Matt and his wife, Ashley, have essentially adopted 36 girls in Uganda, trying to protect them from the sex slave industry. The Boyds buy the girls food and clothing, and rent for their home, and get them sandals, and pray for them, and worry about them, and make sure they are safe.

The mission is massive and jaw-dropping in its scope and goal. This isn’t just another professional athlete slapping his name on a charity. The Boyds have created their own nonprofit, Kingdom Home, completing the process a few weeks ago. It was exhausting, time-consuming work.

The Boyds are raising money to buy land to expand in Uganda. Over the next three years, they want to build four new homes, so they can bring in more girls because the need is so great.

“You know what?” Matt says. “We can end child sex trafficking in Uganda. The bad guys aren’t smarter than us. We can end this. We can outsmart them. We can beat them to the kids. We can protect them.”

To do that, they have to raise money. Because this mission has grown bigger than they ever imagined.

Read more at Detroit Free Press. 

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