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Details emerge of Russian killing of priest in Ukraine

The priest was unarmed. He held a cross above his head as he ran out to confront invading Russian forces, possibly hoping to appeal to their moral instincts as fellow Christians to leave the small village alone. And yet, he was shot dead.

Fr. Rostyslav Dudarenko, a priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, was assisting civilian volunteers manning a checkpoint at the entrance of their town, when he was killed on March 5, less than two weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. As has been the case throughout the country, Ukrainian civilians have pitched in where they can, in order to support the Ukrainian military – far outnumbered by the invading forces.

Fr. Dudarenko, 45, was the parish priest in the village of Yasnohorodka, some 25 miles west of the capital, Kyiv. He and about a dozen others checking cars on their way into the village learned that three Russian tanks had driven through Yasnohorodka. An eyewitness told the BBC that the group of volunteers left the checkpoint to hide in the woods, ready to confront the tanks if necessary.

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