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Desperate Times Call for the Saint of Desperate Cases

There is perhaps no one among us, particularly at this point in our nation’s history, who is not facing a crisis on some level.  Maybe yours is of a financial nature.  Maybe your home is in foreclosure or you are facing a short sale.  Perhaps your marriage needs healing or you are newly bereaved.  Maybe you lost your job and are unable to find meaningful employment.  Whatever your suffering is on a physical, fiscal, mental, emotional or spiritual level, one thing is certain – your problem appears to be immoveable, impassable, and simply impossible to solve!  Perhaps you even feel like giving up. In other words – you have become desperate!

Whatever challenges you are facing in life– know that there is a powerful Saint of the early Church who eagerly awaits your call for help. Even now, in our present age, he stands ready to robustly assist you in the seemingly impossible problems of life.

I speak of a Saint of which little is known.   A Saint who was ordinary until Christ made him extraordinary.  A Saint mentioned little in the Gospels – but who broke his silence to write a short, powerful letter which speaks to the challenges of our times. A Saint who bore the ultimate witness, dying a martyr’s death with a spirit steeped in courage.

I speak of Saint Jude – the Saint of the impossible!  The inconsolable!  The desperate! A Saint who has never been known to fail! Saint Jude is specifically invoked in despairing situations because his New Testament letter, The Letter of Saint Jude, stresses to us the importance of persevering despite harsh and difficult times.  Therefore, he has been appointed as the Patron Saint of desperate cases.  And I can tell you from experience, he takes his title very seriously!  In our challenging times, would it not be wise to befriend such a faithful ally?

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