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Depraved new ISIS video shows child executioners gunning down Kurds

The children exclaim "Allah Akbar!" before dispatching their victims. (MEMRI)
The children exclaim “Allah Akbar!” before dispatching their victims. (MEMRI)

A stomach-turning new video released Friday by ISIS shows the depraved terrorist army’s so-called “cubs” executing five Kurdish fighters, as well as a twisted montage of mass murder in the name of Allah.

The 9-minute video was posted online by ISIS leaders in its stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, under the title, “The Nations [are] Uniting Against You.” It was first reported by Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks terrorist groups’ communication throughout the region.

“What lies between me and you are days that make young men turn old,” warns one child identified as Abu Al-Baraa Al-Tunisi, as he and the others point handguns skyward. “The war against you has not started yet and the U.S., France, the U.K., Germany, and neither humans nor Jinn devils will avail you. Prepare you coffins, dig your graves, and await a fate similar to that of these men.”

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