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‘Dedicated’ protesters removed from abortion clinic trying to change women’s minds

The Director of the South Lyon based group, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, said this isn’t the first time the group’s protest has resulted in a heavy police presence.

Monica Miller explained two of the four arrested this time spent 32 days behind bars in Oakland County last summer.

And she said, they knew that was a possibility again.

“They’re dedicated and they’re willing to do – you know, we’re not here to be arrested,” Miller explained. “The goal is not get arrested, that’s only a consequence of staying and refusing to leave if abortions are going to continue. And, they’re willing to pay that price.”

And they did.

Our crew watched a number of both Michigan State Police and Flint Township Police officers carry out four of them in handcuffs.

One woman refused to stand up, so five officers had to pick her up and lay her in the back of the police cruiser.

Miller said the pro-life group was conducting a Red Rose Rescue, where they show up last minute to a clinic that performs abortions.

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