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September 25, 2018

September 25, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most on September 25, 2018

4:00 – Multiple Attorneys General Launch Investigations into Abuse

Multiple states, including Michigan, New York and New Jersey, have launched investigations into clerical sex abuse. The bishops of these states have welcomed the investigations and promise to cooperate. But why are we letting Caesar do this work for us? In the words of St Paul, this is a sign of a grave failure in our hierarchy. We talk with Rob Muise.

4:20 – Sidewalk Counseling: Not a Ministry, but a Must

Sidewalk counseling in front of an abortion clinic is a thankless, inglorious task. Volunteers may spend weeks at a time standing in the cold, with little success to show for it. So why is it so necessary? Edmund Miller, who has spent decades in the ministry, joins us.

4:40 – Work, Prosperity and the Erosion of Family Life

We’ve been telling you about the upcoming Dignity of Work conference at CUA next month. Another aspect of work is its connection to the family. The research shows that kids who come from broken homes are at a significant disadvantage in their pursuit of prosperity. We talk with Pat Fagan.

5:00 – The Mess, the Clergy and the New Evangelization  

 The USCCB has released a four-point plan for dealing with the crisis. Some say it’s a good start, but for many it’s too little, too late. We’ve spoken extensively about the response of the laity to this mess, but we also want to hear from the clergy. How are priests and deacons who are committed to the New Evangelization ministering to the faithful? We talk with Deacon Harold Burke Sivers.