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September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

Talking about the Things that Matter Most on September 25, 2017

 4:00 – Kresta News Roundup

 4:20 – A “tough guy” priest – in the Gulag and beyond

Fr. Walter Ciszek is known for his courage while imprisoned by the Soviet Union and we’ve talked before about how he “died three times.” But there’s much more to his story. His spiritual writings show him to be a saint of the ordinary life as well. John Dejak joins us with a look at his life and writings and the state of his cause for canonization.

5:00 – The Patriarchy has been Replaced by a Stifling Matriarchy

 The radical Feminist movement describes the patriarchy as the male-dominated society that must be overthrown in order to “liberate” women. And this patriarchy is being replaced by a stifling matriarchy, one that’s founded on the claim that women are always victims and demands unlimited access to abortion and contraception. We’ll take a look with Carrie Gress.

 5:20 – The Existence of God – Evidence from History’s Greatest Thinkers

 Are Christians today prepared to deliver persuasive arguments for the existence of God without using Scripture? Can they defend their beliefs against the onslaught of modern-day atheism? Ed Feser joins us with a look at arguments for the existence of God from history’s greatest philosophers, broken down in a way that anyone can understand.