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October 3, 2018

October 3, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on October 3, 2018

Broadcasting from Washington, DC at the Dignity of Work Conference!

4:00 – Kresta Comments: The Failures of the Kavanaugh Hearings

4:20 – Manly Ministries: A Response to the Scandal

One of the many causes of the scandals in the Church is the failure of our leaders to live like authentic Catholic men. But the laity are working to change that – with leaders like Bear Woznick. He joins us.

4:40 – How are Converts – and Potential Converts – Responding to the Crisis?

Imagine you are a former Catholic considering returning home to the Church, or a non-Catholic who feels called to convert. The face of the Church right now is not a saint or martyr – it’s a dirty old man. Inside politics and institutionalism have prevented sins from being rooted out. Why would you still join this Church? Marcus Grodi has to answer this question every day – he joins us.

5:00 – What’s the Latest on Vigano?  

We take a closer look at the history behind the Vigano letter with John Henry Westen.

5:20 – Ex-FBI agents to help investigate cardinals on abuse and corruption

US lay people are launching a new initiative to assess cardinals’ records on combating abuse and corruption. Better Church Governance has signed up former FBI agents as investigators, led by Phil Scala, a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Operations Director Jacob Imam has the details.

5:40 – Divine Mercy and the Crisis in the Church

Fr. Charles Sikorsky discusses the role of Mercy in bringing healing to the Church.