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October 24, 2017

October 24, 2017

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on October 24, 2017

4:00 – Pentagon Drops SPLC – will other agencies follow suit?

In the last several months, more and more organizations have begun calling out the Southern Poverty Law Center for its baseless accusations and labeling of conservative organizations as hate groups. Now, the US Department of Defense has stopped allowing the SPLC’s shoddy claims about extremism to be used in its training programs. Will other government agencies do the same? We’ll discuss it with Frank Gaffney.

4:20 – Islam, Hollywood and Choice

Several recent news stories have revealed a lot about how various cultures view the role of women. Last month, Saudi Arabia began allowing women to drive, but the Islamic nation still trails the world in many areas of women’s rights. The Harvey Weinstein scandal has shown that even some women’s rights champions are guilty of sexual assault. And the Third Wave feminism movement has its own definition of what it means to be woman. In the end, women and men can only find true liberation in a belief system based on Christ. Derya Little joins us with more.

4:40 – Kresta Comments

5:00 – Deliver Hope to the Hopeless with Boxes of Joy

At Christmas, we experience the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Gift giving is a wonderful, meaningful part of that experience. Unfortunately, severe poverty deprives many children in developing countries of this joy. Their parents are too poor to provide even one simple Christmas present. Cross Catholic Outreach is helping by delivering Boxes of Joy. Jim Cavnar joins us with more.

5:20 – An (Outside) View of Catholic Beliefs

Ever since the beginning of the Reformations, Catholics and Protestants have debated the nature of Justification. It remains one of the most divisive issues between the two groups. After 500 years, isn’t it time we arrived at an answer? Steve Wood has seen both sides of the debate in his years as an Evangelical pastor and now as a Catholic. He joins us.