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October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

Talking about the Things That Matter Most on October 22, 2019

Due to technical difficulties we have had to reschedule today’s previously announced program. We will air that material later this week. 

4:00 – Understanding the Power of the Angels

What are the angels? They do not form a separate universe – they are an integral part of this world and have been sent forth for the sake of our salvation. They are pure spirits who communicate to us God’s grace, His goodness, and His truth. Fr. John Horgan joins us with a look at the rich and beautiful reality of God’s messengers.

5:00 – Is there Evidence for Miracles?

What do most Americans think about miracles? How many people have had an experience that can only be explained as divine intervention? How many of us believe miracles are possible today? Bestselling author Lee Strobel has done the leg work on an extensive study of American’s opinions of the miraculous. He joins us.