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November 29, 2018

November 29, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on November 29, 2018

4:00 – Confessions of a Catholic Whistleblower

Siobhan O Connor served for three years in the Diocese of Buffalo, overjoyed to be working for her beloved Church. But her observations of the handling of the abuse crisis led her to leak internal diocesan documents to a local investigative reporter. What led her to make this decision? She joins us with confessions of a Catholic whistleblower.

4:20 – Update on the Red Hat Report

During our time at the Authentic Catholic Reform conference this fall we spoke with Jacob Imam, who had just launched Better Church Governance, a lay-driven group which is preparing a Red Hat Report on the Cardinals in the Church and is also helping investigate cases of abuse and corruption. He joins us with a look at the work they are doing.

4:40 – Register Recap: Investigating a Brother Bishop

A new draft measure designed to strengthen bishop accountability is now on the table, after the Vatican blocked the U.S. bishops from voting on two related proposals at their annual fall assembly earlier this month. Matthew Bunson updates us on this and other related stories.

5:00 – The Last Homily: Conversations with Fr. Arne Panula

You may not have heard of Fr. Arne Panula, the brilliant priest from Washington’s fabled Catholic Information Center who dedicated his life to bringing others to God. Mary Eberstadt recorded her conversations with him over his final months, in which he expounded on Church history, how the faithful should live and build the kingdom and other matters. Mary joins us.

5:40 – The Vatican’s Agreement With China Looks Even Worse Now

Two months out, the China-Holy See provisional agreement on episcopal appointments is proving to be yet another tool for Beijing to suppress the Chinese faithful. And its damage goes even deeper than the Chinese government’s selection of Catholic bishops, as critical as that is for the hierarchically structured Roman Catholic Church. We talk with Nina Shea.