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November 20, 2019

November 20, 2019

Talking about the Things That Matter most on November 20, 2019

4:00 – Fr Perrone Update

Since allegations surfaced against him this summer, Fr Eduard Perrone has maintained his innocence. Recently, his lawyers learned that one of his accusers misconstrued information concerning James Fortenberry, claiming he had stayed overnight in Perrone’s bedroom. Fortenberry strongly denies this claim and has attempted to meet with the Archdiocese. We talk with Fr Perrone and his attorney Chris Kolomjec.

4:20 – The Battle over Religious Liberty

Many Americans are concerned about rising threats to religious freedom. They feel the culture changing around them, and they fear that their beliefs will soon be marginalized as a form of bigotry. Others, younger Christians in particular, are tired of the culture wars, and they wonder whether courtroom battles are truly worthwhile, or even in line with the teachings of Jesus. Luke Goodrich joins us with a reasoned, balanced, gospel-centered approach to religious freedom

5:00 – How to Keep from Losing your Mind

Have you ever felt like you’re shackled by the culture? Pulled and pushed by the prevalent ideologies of the day? There is a way to break free and it starts by becoming liberally educated. We’ll talk with Deal Hudson about how to avoid the false open-mindedness and groupthink of the modern isms, rise above the shouting and rediscover the benefits of contemplating the meaning of human life.