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November 2, 2017

November 2, 2017

Talking about the Things that Matter Most on November 2, 2017

4:00 – The Deconstruction of the Administrative State

Conservatives have long promised to shrink the size of government and make it more efficient and personal, but they’ve rarely followed through. The Trump Administration, on the other hand, might just be crazy enough to try. Back in February Steve Bannon outlined the three pillars of Trump’s goals for his presidency: National Security, Economic Nationalism, and the Deconstruction of the Administrative State. What have they done in this regard? Will it work? Adam White joins us with more.

4:20 – Betsy Devos takes on Campus Kangaroo Courts

Last month Education Secretary Betsy Devos formally rescinded Obama administration commands on how universities should handle sexual assault cases. Everyone, of course, wants those guilty of assault to be brought to justice – but in the rush to achieve this end, the innocent have often been convicted. Under the Obama guidelines, those accused of assault have frequently been found guilty until proven innocent by campus kangaroo courts that have ignored evidence and blocked the defense from cross-examining witnesses. Stuart Taylor joins us with a look at the campus rape frenzy and how we can ensure true justice for all parties.

5:00 – How to set the Earth on Fire for the Gospel

How do we reveal to a secular world the beauty and intelligence of the Catholic faith? Bishop Robert Barron joins to discuss why the Church still matters and how Catholics can intelligently engage a skeptical world.