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November 13, 2019

November 13, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on November 13, 2019

4:00 – USCCB Fall Assembly Day 3 – US Bishops at Odds Over Abortion and the “Francis Test”

Yesterday Archbishop Jose Gomez was elected to succeed Cardinal Daniel DiNardo as president of the USCCB, with Detroit’s Archbishop Allen Vigneron elected as the new vice president. Since then several other major stories have broken, including a confrontation between Bishop McElroy and Archbishop Chaput over language concerning the prioritization of abortion and the Australian court accepting Cardinal Pell’s appeal. Matthew Bunson has more.

4:20 – St Augustine – Ancient Advice for the Modern Day

What does an ancient thinker born centuries after Christ have to say that applies to our lives to day? Well, if that thinker is St Augustine of Hippo, he has a whole lot to say. Dr James K A Smith has traveled long on the road with St Augustine, he joins us today on the saint’s birthday with a look at how Augustine can be a pilgrim guide to the complicated world we live in.

5:00 – Adult Survivors of Abuse Share their Stories in New French Film

18 years ago, as the American Church was beginning to grapple with the horrific stories released by the Boston Globe and the Vatican was promulgating new norms on the handling of clerical sex abuse, another abuse story was rocking the church. The first criminal conviction of a French bishop since the French Revolution occurred as Bishop Pierre Pican was convicted for failing to report the abuse of Fr Bernard Preynat. Some of Preynat’s now-adult victims have collaborated to tell their stories in the film By the Grace of God; Janet Smith takes a look.

5:20 – Real Solutions to Healthcare Problems

Rising healthcare costs affect everyone and one in five Americans now has medical debt in collections. Dr. Marty Makary has traveled America to witness firsthand how healthcare impacts people and their families. He joins us to discuss the price we pay for healthcare and whether it can be fixed.