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November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on November 1, 2019

4:00 – Kresta Comments: What is Holiness?

As Catholics, we are all called to be saints. We can choose to live a life of sanctity, aiming for perfect conformity with Christ – or we can aim for the opposite. What does a life lived in this matter look like? On this All Saints Day, Al shares some thoughts.  

4:40 – Living Like the Saints

What happens when we have the courage to collaborate with God and pursue our truest self? The result is a life and light that keeps shining long after our mission on earth is complete, and we see it through the lives of the saints. We look at how the Saints have responded to this call with Matthew Kelly.

5:00 – The Lives of the Assisi Saints

When Francis of Assisi died at the age of 44 in 1226, he left behind nothing that the world would consider as material wealth. But if one counts as riches the fruits of the spirit and of a humble and a contrite heart, he was wealthy beyond measure, and left behind a legacy that survives, thrives, and changes lives even today. On this All Saints Day we look at the lives of Francis and Clare