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May 30, 2018

May 30, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on May 30, 2018

4:00 – Will China End its Two-Child Policy?

 In late 2015, China began phasing out its one-child policy, which had resulted in millions of forced abortions and abandoned children. Now, there are reports the country may be lifting its current two-child policy. We’ll talk with Reggie Littlejohn.

4:20 – The Christian Imagery of Narnia

CS Lewis dedicated the first book in his beloved Chronicles of Narnia to his goddaughter, Lucy, writing “I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still. But some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again…” Critics look at works such as Narnia or Middle-Earth as mere fairy tales fit for children or simple-minded adults, but they are so much more. Joseph Pearce joins us to follow Aslan’s invitation to travel “Further up and further in” to Narnia.

5:00 – Engaging Vietnam on Religious Freedom

Vietnam is one of two remaining Communist nations in Southeast Asia, the other being Laos. As a Communist nation, it has traditionally been hostile toward the public practice of religion, which it sees as an obstacle to the Party’s rule. But things may be changing. As China’s influence grows, Vietnam is looking to build relations with other regional powers – and that means a shift in its approach to religious practice. James Chen of the Institute for Global Engagement joins us.

5:20 – Living our Faith Beyond Sunday

We often say that ministries like Catholic radio are for those whose faith demands ‘more than Sunday.’ What does it mean to have a faith that extends beyond an hour at Mass every week? We talk with Teresa Tomeo.