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May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on May 24, 2019

 4:00 – Cultural Differences and American Freedom   

 There is a truth about Western culture, especially American culture, that is often ignored: the US sees itself as an individualist society whose people seek to realize personal goals in the world, while most of the non-West has a more passive, deferential temperament. In other words, the West sees life as a project while many others are simply trying to survive rather than achieve. This serves as a massive obstacle for those trying to assimilate in America and will be a challenge to the country. Dr. Lawrence Mead joins us to examine these cultural differences.

4:40 – Kresta Comments: The Origins of the “Achieving Individual”

Al follows up on our discussion with Dr. Mead, looking at the origins of the Western concept of an achieving individual.

5:00 – The Hidden Victims of China’s One-Child Policy

We’ve talked before about the devastating effects of China’s one-child policy but there is one often-overlooked demographic who has been affected in particularly adverse ways: elderly women. Senior suicide rates in China have risen by 500 percent over the last 20 years and there is almost a pressure on seniors to commit suicide, because there are so few children to support them. We talk with Reggie Littlejohn.

5:20 – Entitlemania: How We Can Help the “Me” Generation Help Themselves

As a veteran advisor and legal counsel to America’s most successful families, Richard Watts has seen the extremes of entitlement up close and wants to help you avoid creating it in your own children.  Well-intentioned parents across the country are enabling a “me” generation of children who lack the wisdom and satisfaction of accomplishment that only struggle and adversity can bring. He joins us to discuss strategies for helping your kids avoid “entitlemania.”

5:40 – Can Hatred of Christians Lead to Support of Sexual Minorities?

We generally believe that those who support LGBT rights dislike Christians because of their opposition to progressive sexual values. But a new study suggests that animosity toward Christians actually causes support for sexual minorities. We’ll talk more with Dr George Yancey.