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May 11, 2020

May 11, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on May 11, 2020

 Guest Hosts Bruce & Kris McGregor

4:00 – How the Plagues of Egypt Exposed False Gods & Revealed the Truth

With a global pandemic, wildfires in Australia and now killer hornets, it sometimes seems like we are experiencing our own set of plagues. Plagues have a way of stripping away what is superfluous, revealing the naked truth. In the biblical account of the plagues that decimated Egypt, the plagues exposed the civilization’s false gods and their utter impotence in the face of the one true God. Stephen Beale breaks it down.

4:20 – Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day

 An essential part of the Christian life is responding to the Universal Call to Holiness, and we can learn to do this by following the examples of the saints. Dawn Beutner joins us with examples of how we can live like the saints every day.

4:40 – Impossible Marriages Redeemed

 The message of the culture is clear: When things get REALLY bad in a marriage, the best, and even only, thing to do is to divorce and “move on.” Leila Miller joins us with stories of couples who DIDN’T follow this advice.

 5:00 – The Moment I Knew I Had Found the Truth   

One of the most famous scenes in the Book of Acts is the radical conversion of St. Paul – when he is thrown from his horse and in one shocking moment realizes the truth. Brad Miner’s experience isn’t quite so dramatic, but he too experienced a moment when he was forced to consider what was true. He shares the story.

5:20 – 100 Ways JPII Changed the World

We’re approaching the 100th birthday of John Paul II. To celebrate, Patrick Novecosky looks at 100 ways he changed the Church and the World.

5:40 – Women In The Church & The Catholic Mystical Tradition

The Mystical Wisdom of the Church is a largely untapped resource for Christian living and the women mystics of the Catholic Tradition have been the special custodians of this treasury. Anthony Lilles joins us.