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May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on May 1, 2020

 4:00 – Defending Humane Vitae and other Teachings

 Some of the most widely-rejected Church teachings in today’s culture are related to sexual morality, and several studies have shown that even self-identified Catholics are widely practicing contraception. Defending these teachings can be difficult, but Janet Smith and others will be showing you how at an online conference this weekend. Janet joins us.

4:20 – Who are the most effective helpers for Middle-East Christians?

 For 1,400 years, the Christians of the Mideast lived under a system of sustained persecution as a distinct lower class of citizens under their Muslim rulers. Despite this systemic oppression, Christianity maintained a tenuous—even sometimes prosperous—foothold in the land of its birthplace up until the past several decades. But we’re seeing more and more evidence that Western government’s strategies for helping these Christians isn’t working. Stephen Rasche joins us with more.

 4:40 – US and Canada Re-Consecrated to Mary

 May is the month of Mary, and bishops in the US and Canada are kicking it off by re-consecrating their countries to the Blessed Mother. Dutch theologian Hendro Munsterman criticized the move, saying it detracts from the Christocentric nature of the faith. Dr Mark Miravalle responds.

5:00 – Italian Bishops Push Government to Allow Resumption of Public Masses

After Italy’s bishops reacted angrily over the exclusion of Catholic Mass from the government’s announcement Sunday of its plan to ease of lockdown measures, Italian media is reporting that the Church looks set to be allowed to resume public liturgies in May with agreed restrictions to avoid contagion of the coronavirus. Matthew Bunson takes a look at this and other news.

5:20 – St. Joseph: Man and Worker—A Letter to Working Men

Today we’re celebrating the feast of St Joseph the Worker. Considering our own crises in light of St. Joseph’s example, we can learn to see, even here in our coronavirus exile, an opportunity to offer a more fundamental yes to the work of God in our lives. We talk with Brian Black about how he is doing this at a new school offering one-of-a-kind tools for the trades.

5:40 – Franciscan U Covers Tuition Costs for Fall Students

It’s been a strange fall for high school seniors, who saw their plans for sports, social events and prom fall through and have been unable to make final visits to campuses or take their ACTs and other tests in the regular way. Franciscan University is making an effort to help its new students by covering tuition costs for Fall 2020, and will also make funds available for returning students. Fr Dave Pivonka joins us.