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March 28, 2019

March 28, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 28, 2019

Guest Host Matthew Bunson 

 4:00 – Pope Francis Heads to Morocco

Pope Francis is heading to Morocco on Saturday for a visit to the country’s small Catholic community. The visit to the country, where more than 99% of the population is Muslim, is a chance for Francis to continue his reflections on Christian-Muslim relations. We talk with Alan Holdren.

4:20 – Venezuela Update

Venezuela is in the midst of another blackout and residents are scrambling to find food and water. While Maduro has blamed the problems on interference from the US, opposition leader Juan Guadio is calling on his supporters to protest even more. Guadio’s wife met with President Trump this week and Trump has called for Russia to “get out” of the situation. Alejandro Bermudez has the latest.

4:40 – Michigan AG: no funds for Catholic adoption agencies if LGBT non-compliant

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has barred state funds from adoption agencies that won’t place children with same-sex couples. We talk with Rob Muise about the case and the American Freedom Law Center’s fight against the false “hate group” label from the SPLC.

5:00 – The Unlikely Friendship that Dismantled Communism

March 30 is the anniversary of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, just a few weeks before the attempt on John Paul II’s life. What would the world have become if either of these attempts had succeeded? We talk with Paul Kengor.

5:20 – “Ringgate”: What’s Up with that Viral Video?

A video surfaced this week that allegedly shows Pope Francis pulling his hand away from visitors trying to kiss his Papal ring. What really happened? We talk with Ed Condon, who also has the latest from other Church stories and gives us an update on the Brexit talks.