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March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 18, 2020  

4:00 – U.S. Postpones Tax Payments for 90 Days

We’re still not sure how long pandemic conditions will last. After the nation’s health, a primary concern is the economic effects of the massive shutdown, with experts fearing another massive recession. The government is taking several steps to limit the financial effects of the pandemic, announcing that tax payments will be postponed and proposing sending cash to each American. Richard Rubin breaks it down.

4:20 – Islamic Doctrine Versus the U.S. Constitution – can it work?

During the last election cycle, then-Republican hopeful Ben Carson was widely criticized for saying he did not believe a Muslim should be president of the United States. Most of his critics said he was a racist, which completely missed the central question – are the beliefs of Islam compatible with the principles of the Constitution? Dr Stephen Kirby has been posing this question to Muslim candidates for various levels of public office. He joins us.

5:00 – Stories of Hope and Heroic Love in Action

The idea of witness is very important to us as Catholics. Our faith is strengthened and moved to action by the great “cloud of witnesses” around us. Simply put, we learn by example. Eric Groth has developed a new documentary series featuring six incredible witnesses from people who have profoundly encountered Christ and are now living like Him—people who make this world more closely resemble the next. He joins us.

5:20 – Anxious about the Pandemic? A Catholic Psychologist Offers Advice

While the coronavirus has Americans scrambling for canned goods, respirator masks, and especially toilet paper, one Catholic psychologist has encouraged people to take deep breaths and remain calm. Fear and worry are normal, but peace is not beyond our reach. We’ll talk with Dr Christina Lynch.