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March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 11, 2020 

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:20 – How Catholic Radio Brought Me Back

Stephen Gleason was baptized Catholic as a baby, and grew up going to Catholic schools and being an altar server in the years leading up to Vatican II.  In his teens, he began to drift away from the practice of his faith, and surfing became the most important thing in his life, until he had a series of providential experiences that turned his heart toward Jesus. He began to be involved in Protestant Bible studies, and began to pursue a call to ministry as a nondenominational pastor, even planting his own church. However, when he discovered Catholic radio, some of those seeds that had been planted in his youth began to bear fruit, and he was drawn back to his Catholic faith.

5:00 – HealthCare – The Greatest Pro-Life Political Battle of Our Time  

The Little Sisters of the Poor will head back to the Supreme Court this term as they continue to defend their religious liberty from the HHS Contraception mandate. As debates continue to rage over the future of health care, will religious liberty be respected? Louis Brown joins us.

5:20 – Christians in the age of AI

We interact with artificial intelligence, or AI, nearly every moment of the day without knowing it. From our Twitter and Facebook social media feeds to our online carts to smart thermostats and Alexa and Google Home, AI is everywhere. Do the potential benefits of AI outweigh the risks? We’ll talk with Jason Thacker.